Keeping busy

I’m doing quite well at the moment, I’m pleased to say. Busy over Xmas/New Year. Still got a few things on to keep my mind occupied.

Some work, some pleasure. I feel more focused, less anxious, more secure.

It comes from looking at things in a new way. I’m not defining or limiting myself anymore, just getting on with living life again. Working to better myself while doing things I enjoy.

I started this blog because I needed to express myself and learn not to be scared of expressing myself.

I feel now that I don’t really need to express myself as I’m more comfortable with myself.

I was never fundamentally broken but I had so much to learn about myself. I regained so much control over my feelings when I learned that I could simply improve myself and that I didn’t need a personality disorder diagnosis.

The demons I used to talk about often have taken a much needed sabbatical.

Thanks for reading and kindest regards



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