If anyone asks what radicalised me

Been a crap few days recently. Not least due to a nasty bout of diarrhoea this weekend. Timely reminder that I should be a little more careful about what I eat.

Good news  from work is that I’ve gained accreditation for checking which means I can now authorise payment values of up to £100k.

However I’m still having issues with a couple of things so it may take another week or so to get fully integrated to the role.

While I’m here I may as well give my thoughts on the current state of the world. I don’t normally feel comfortable talking about politics.

I try not to put too much argument around stuff I don’t know about in great detail. And of course there is no perfect politics. The world is a messy, ugly place.

I have observed society at large from a distance. I’ve never been more convinced than I am now that society is really heading further and further into a very dark place.

The first observation to remark is how after 2 years of fearmongering over covid, it has very quickly and quietly been reversed as if it never fucking happened.

People like me who argued against covid measures have been smeared as far right racists and white supremacists.

And yet they express their shock and horror that the Beast from the East dares to invade Fortress Europe.

Look closely at the media hysteria and observe how they lambast an invasion of a “civilised” part of the world.

And remember how often our own forces set boots on someone else’s country in the name of bringing “peace and stability”.

As an autistic person I’m used to seeing the world differently. The world now feels distinctly loathsome and I feel less and less desire to be part of it.

Really is time to make some drastic changes. But it’s going to be one step at a time.

Time to get away from social media for good. Time to get away from everyone who mindlessly regurgitates moral panic at every turn.

A lifetime of masking has always meant that I’m an unconscious mirror of society. At this time of constant terror propaganda I need to break free.

If anyone asks in the future what radicalized me? Well I’d say that I’m so much more sensitive to the mores and manners of society at large.

And I reject it all right now.

I’m doing it all on my own and it’s going to be difficult but I’d rather do it this way than compromise all that I value for scoring good guy points or playing for “The right team.”

Going to reorganize the blog at some point so I can share stuff here instead of Facebook. I think I feel the pull of pencil art once more will hopefully get back into more creative stuff.

Difficult to write this one but I’m feeling more inspired now to do something personally fulfilling and maybe give something back.

Thank you for reading those who do are very much appreciated.

Jamie x


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