Progressing at work

I promised I would blog about my job. My job title is Manual Calculations Representative. As far as i remember pretty much everyone’s eyes glaze over when I tell them.

It doesn’t sound particularly glamorous but it is the best job I’ve ever had by a country mile. I’ve not had the greatest job history, spent long periods out of work.

Hadn’t the confidence or drive to find a decent job. Most jobs I had were dull physical labour.

Had a high turnover of staff recently so I’m taking on more work. In training to cover more of the book of business I work on.

I’m about to receive my checking accreditation which allow me to authorise payment values. Working towards earning more responsibilities and becoming an SME.

I’m proud of the work I do there and the company I work for have been very supportive as I’ve gone through my tough times.

I’ve struggled a little to balance the demands at work but I’m becoming more confident at my job.

Starting to feel optimistic about the future whatever happens. I think taking time to myself and not worrying about other people has made a lot calmer and secure.

When I’m fully trained at work and when this miserable winter finally ends and the weather gets better, I’ll be in a much better place to begin living the life I want to live.

I’m thinking of attending a local writers group meeting this Saturday. It’s free the first time. I may try to write something to take with me in case that’s a thing they do.

Still working on making my own techno tracks. Will post a couple of tracks on here soon. My first efforts were filled with melancholy but that’s the music I like most. Really emotive.

My latest track I’m working on is more hard techno and notably less melancholy. I’ve not quite got a sound I really like yet so it may take some time.

I’m feeling surprisingly upbeat and it’s been a while since I went for a relaxing pint. Local pub is nice and quiet tonight.

Been having regular appointments at my local autism hub just to talk through stuff. I think I know where I’m going now and I don’t really need anyone to talk to anymore.

Though I do still generally have a lot to say about things which I’ll keep doing here.

As ever, kindest regards and thank you for reading.


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