Self-acceptance, Identity and the Trans Debate

The first half of the blog title refers to a talk i went to today by Dean Beadle, touring autism advocate and professional speaker.

To be clear upfront I left half way through as I found it pretty uninspiring. The typical arguments made in favour of understanding and addressing misconceptions, I’ve heard them all before, wrestled with them for a long time.

Nothing new to report, though in fairness I will report a useful tip. It’s important to make the distinction clear between needing someone to help and needed someone to just listen.

I was impressed with that remark. Though in the spirit of self-acceptance I feel pleased to have at least attended, help myself to some free food at the buffet, said hello to the one person I actually knew from the old gang, decided it wasn’t really for me and buggered off.

All while keeping my head held reasonably high. If it sounds like I’m being overly dismissive of the speaker it’s because I checked out his social media beforehand and don’t like the people he allies with in the name of self-acceptance.

It is again in the spirit of self-acceptance that I can say there’s much I don’t like and much that I’m intolerant of. Is anyone really autistic if there’s nothing that’s intolerable? Not for me to say but that’s my understanding of it anyway.

And so I’m finally going to voice an unpopular opinion that Transgenderism as an ideological movement is not meritorious in anyway, moreover, that it is in fact a poisonous cult.

There used to be a thing called Transsexualism where people actually underwent operations to change sex. It doesn’t seem like there is anything to actually connect the two seeing as how modern transgenderism is more commonly about claiming to be the opposite gender stereotype while ignoring the material biological sex.

To bring it back to the word stem Trans, of course the broad church that is Transhumanism has it’s roots within the deep desire to Transcend the limits and limitations of humanity. It’s not hard to see the same rebellious, individualistic desire to sting two fingers up to judgmental society.

To quickly summon my right-on trendy liberal credentials I was raised to be very live and let live and I wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

And let it be said that I’m not opposed to anyone seeking self-acceptance (I’m using that word a lot tonight) through any means.

There’s a difference between that and disappearing up your own areshole, narcissistically demanding everyone else accepts you and your new ideology.

The movement I criticise, personified by it’s more vocal proponents, uuuugh. Contemptible.

I don’t have any reason to hate anyone who suffers from genuine gender disphoria, quite the opposite in fact. You can actually hate something or someone assuming there is a good reason.

I could make a long list of all the reasons why I hate those who place themselves as the defenders of trans rights and claim the moral victory. A cursory dip into the many Twitter arguments online will quickly reveal those who have become a mirror image of who they oppose.

Our good friends in the Communist community have a name for this sort of thing. Reactionaries.

The first thing to note pertaining to the topic is how obvious it is there’s nothing that screams “I demand validation from others” more. I’ve been down that road and it isn’t liberating. It certainly isn’t self-respect.

Yes, none of us are truly able to live without others but we can all live with more dignity than this.

To attempt to sum up the reasons for hate, the concept of trans developed as the Trojan horse that existed to sneak it’s way through boundaries and we all know by now how important boundaries are to mental health.

The violation that truly sickens me is how disproportionally it is autistic children who are being primed for “transing” and being offered a pathway towards expensive medical procedures with life-altering consequences.

And let’s not forget the male rapists miraculously discovering their new identity shortly after being convicted.

You can feel the palpable atmosphere of moral panic virtue signalling as some desperately show their love and acceptance for the new victim identity. While those who know the crimes committed against women because of their biological sex are branded as bigots and Nazis.

You would think that the most progressive message to send would be that it’s ok to be whatever you are. So where did the idea that someone can be born into the wrong body with the wrong gender come from?

It came from exploitative shitheads offering their own lucrative solution to a problem that only exists in diseased minds.

I’m going to be careful with my words here but self-acceptance is about learning to come to terms with a medical diagnosis of a condition that implies life-long difficulties, struggles and disabilities.

How many of those struggles are a product of a society that operates in a way that meets their needs and not ours?

How many because society treats the different like shit?

How many young people are looking to redefine themselves and their very self-identites because they’re treated like shit for being who they really are?

Who’s going to challenge your harmful self-beliefs and who’s validating them, telling you what you want to hear to keep you keen, always wanting more?

Wolves in sheep’s pronouns.

There’s an old saying, “if you want to know who owns you, ask yourself who you can’t criticise” and let’s be honest, that’s the antithesis of respect.

Being unable to take criticism shows a distinct lack of self-respect. Throwing accusations of bigotry to deflect criticism only demonstrates how fragile the ideology is and how false the self-acceptance is.

I’ve been there you know, been there so hard and for so long. The liberal-lefty in me who wants to be the good man above all, I didn’t respect that people are different, didn’t respect that people deserve the truth, to know what’s what.

Yeah, you can bet your house on the fact that I didn’t accept who I was when I tried to please everyone all the time. When I tried to be perfect.

When I was desperate for that special someone’s affection. How desperate I was to change myself.

I’m going to borrow another word from the Marxists. Dialectics are everything.

There are 2 sides to me that have always been at war with each other. If only they could have just talked things through. There’s the notion that only one side ever wins the battle but the truth is most wars come to end with an agreement and a settlement of terms.

Let both sides have their say and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. In reality there is but little that is inherently and only good or bad. Every conflict deserves to be argued with both sides to be heard out.

If anyone reading all this hates me and what I have to say, I understand well and you are allowed to hate me. I’m only going to respond to a reasoned argument and welcome meaningful criticism.

If you’re planning on tracking me down IRL to threaten me or get me sacked/arrested for the crime of voicing an opinion, that will only validate the truth of my words.

To finally make the point here, accept yourself for who you are. All of a sudden you’ll find that people can’t actually hurt you in the way that you believe they can.

Save all the moral indignation you can muster for all the true evils that surround us of which there are still many.

A quick exploration of the hypothesis, no one would ever struggle to accept themselves in isolation, it’s only ever other people that influence us to reject ourselves. All well and good except for the fact that none of us would survive on our own. We’re a social pack animal.

Well most of us anyway. Alas, being the runt of the litter hasn’t worked out so well, maybe it’s time to assert some independence and stop being at the mercy of external forces.

There’s only so much shit you can eat before you start to question why. Do you deserve to eat better?

Did you think you were eating the finest crop, only to find that it was actually (broad metaphor) dogshit?

We all eat dogshit for some reason, the key is to understand why. Self-acceptance means never having to eat dogshit again.

Thanks as always for reading. I don’t want to talk hate again but I guess needs must. Next post will hopefully be more positive but no promises.


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