Mental health and Moral Values

It’s something I think about a lot and I’ll share my thoughts here.

But first I want to be fairer to my autism. I talk about my mental health struggles as if it’s all my autism’s fault when it plainly isn’t. There’s a lot to unpack but my autism is and always part of who I am and who I want to be.

How I’ve learnt (or not learned) to cope is really why I struggle with mental health.

And it’s all because I know what’s makes a good person but I don’t have the life skills and experience to be a good person.

And that is because I wasn’t secure enough to feel comfortable being my truest self.

It is largely subjective of course what constitutes good and bad to each individual. We’re all human though and we understand that which helps is good and that which harms is bad.

The underlying principle is humanity itself. The ultimate good is to be treated as a human being, to be free to be yourself and live your life.

It’s no accident that Human Rights are not produced, not obtained nor given. They are observed.

All the evils in the world, the greatest horrors committed against people have always signalled a denial of someone’s humanity. To be demonised. To be treated as objects to be used and abused.

On a much more common level, sometimes a person just goes unseen.

My own struggle with communication leaves me feeling isolated and alone. And I know this makes me feel less human. I tell myself I’m a bad person and a failure.

It makes things so much easier when someone’s sees you and humanises you.

But ultimately I needed to stop being afraid of myself. I judge myself for living in fear of other people’s judgement.

As long as I live by my own standards and be honest about how I feel I have no reason to fear the consequences of my words.

I can be free to be the best man I can be.

Thanks for reading and kind regards.


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